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Business Visas

Business Visas for Commercial or Industrial Workers

If you are applying for a visa to work as a commercial or industrial worker in the United States, for example to work in an auto manufacturing plant, to install conveyor systems in a warehouse, to supervise other workers doing installation or assembly work, or something similar, please read the additional instructions below.  If you do not provide information as documented below, processing of your visa application will be delayed until the documents are received.

You should follow the visa application process described on our Application Procedures & Fees page.  In addition to that information, you should bring documents showing you are eligible for a visa under the following criteria:

You are coming to the United States to install, service, or repair commercial or industrial equipment or machinery purchased from a company outside the United States or to train U.S. workers to perform such services.  However, in such cases, the contract of sale must specifically require the seller to provide such services or training and the visa applicant must possess specialized knowledge essential to the seller’s contractual obligation to perform the services or training and must receive no remuneration from a U.S source.

You are not eligible for this visa if you are applying to perform building or construction work, whether on-site or in-plant.  The exception is if you are applying for a B-1 visa for supervising or training other workers engaged in building or construction work, but not actually performing any such building or construction work yourself.

This means that for you to be eligible for a visa to work as a commercial or industrial worker in the United States, you need to provide

  1. A brief introduction letter from your company that explains what kind of work you will be doing and describes each of the included contracts, explaining what machinery has been sold by the foreign company to the U.S. company and what installation or maintenance work will be done by the visa applicant.
  2. The sales contract between a foreign company and a U.S. company for the purchase of machinery, where the contract requires the seller to provide installation and/or maintenance.
  3. Any subcontracts that assign the labor of the installation or maintenance to another company.
  4. The employment contract of the visa applicant with his or her direct employer. 

Note: All contracts must be translated into English.

Please present all contracts in the order listed above, starting with the introduction letter, followed by the original purchase order between the U.S. company and the foreign company, then any subcontracts, and ending with the employment contract between the applicant and his or her employer. 

E Visas for Treaty Traders or Treaty Investors

Processing an E-1 or E-2 visa requires additional time by the officer. If your company has not been granted an E-1 or E-2 visa at the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana within the last six months, please send us all the documentation relating to the case by postal mail. We need at least one full week before the date of the scheduled visa interview to review the information. Our mailing address is: U.S. Embassy, Attention: Consular Section, Prešernova 31, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Failure to give the Consular Officer sufficient time to review your documentation prior to the interview may result in the interview being rescheduled.