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Passport Renewal for Children 16-17

Applicants Age 16-17

Please follow the instructions on this page if:

  • you are at least 16 years old but have not yet reached your 18th birthday, and

  • you can submit your most recent passport with your application

Application Procedures

All applicants age 16-17 are required to appear in person at the Embassy in order to apply for any passport services. It is not neccesary for a parent or guardian to come; applicants age 16 and over can sign the passport application themselves. 

We transmit all the information electronically to a passport production facility in Charleston, South Carolina, and receive the printed passports back by express courier service about two weeks later.

As there is only one passport officer in Ljubljana, please click here to make an appointment.

What to bring with you

Please bring the following with you to the Embassy to apply for your passport or passport card:

If your name has changed since the most recent passport was issued, then please also follow the additional instructions at the Changes of Name link.

If you are traveling within two weeks and can provide evidence of this travel, then you may be eligible for same-day issuance of an emergency limited-validity passport.