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American Citizen Services

U.S. Air Force Base, Aviano, Italy  

Information for Our Customers

As a result of growing demand for our services from the Aviano community, we provide this brief summary of which services we can and cannot provide to Aviano personnel.

Because we have only one Consular Officer at the Embassy, you absolutely must first click here to make an appointment before coming to Ljubljana. If you come without an appointment, it is possible there will be no one here to assist you, and you may be turned away. 

Other than the exceptions noted below, Aviano personnel should follow the same instructions posted elsewhere on this web site for each separate service requested.

We are open Monday-Friday, with no weekend or holiday hours. 

We can mail your passport back to you when it is ready. On your way to the Embassy, stop at a Slovene post office and buy a padded envelope and Slovene postage. Write your address on the envelope as follows:

Your Name
PSC 103 Box XXXX (the same as your APO box number)
33081 Aviano PN

We can also release your passport to someone else coming here from Aviano, if you give us written authorization to do so, saving you a return trip.

Passports are sometimes ready in as fast as three working days, but we cannot promise service that quickly. Passports have never taken longer than two weeks to arrive from the United States. If you want us to mail the passport back to you, that takes another 10 working days to Aviano from the date that we receive the passport from the U.S. If you supply your email address on the passport application form, then we will send you an email to let you know that your passport has arrived at the Embassy.

Although Slovene law requires U.S. citizens to present a valid passport to enter the country, on December 21, 2007, Slovenia joined Italy and others as a member of the Schengen Zone.  As a result, there are no longer any document checkpoints at the border crossings between Slovenia and Italy.   

What Services We CAN Provide to the Aviano Community

  • Notary Services
    Assistance in any Emergencies, if they take place in Slovenia
  • Passport Services (Note: we can only help with regular full-fee tourist passports for adults, and the same type of passports for children who have already been documented as U.S. citizens. We cannot help with official, diplomatic, or no-fee tourist passports, nor with passports for babies born on the base at Aviano. See below.)

What Services We CANNOT Provide to the Aviano Community

In accordance with DoD Regulation 1000.21-R, all applications for diplomatic passports, official passports, no-fee tourist passports, and passport and birth documentation for U.S. citizen babies born on the base at Aviano must be requested through the Aviano Base Passport Office located in the Military Personnel Flight Office at DSN 632-4379. That office will then work with the U.S. Consulate General in Naples to issue the proper documents, an arrangement that has been in place since 1999.

Most of our other services, such as Social Security or other federal benefits, are Slovenia-specific, usually due to restrictions in U.S. law.

Driving Directions from Aviano to the Embassy

The trip is approximately 128 miles, and takes between 2 and 2.5 hours one-way. Slovenia has used the Euro as its currency since January 1, 2007.

For a printable map of the neighborhood around the Embassy, please click here. (pdf 774 kb)

For a photograph of what the Embassy looks like, please click here.

  • From the Flightline area exit, follow the signs towards Pordenone.
  • Follow the main road and turn right at the light, following the signs towards Pordenone and Venezia/Trieste.
  • At the next light (Opel dealer on left), turn left toward Trieste (A4).
  • Follow signs towards Udine, passing through about 4 traffic lights.
  • Stay on the main road looking for the Autostrada.
  • Enter the traffic circle and take the next immediate exit to the right.
  • Ramp splits, take the left fork up the hill.
  • Go straight towards Venezia/Trieste.
  • Road splits, stay in left lane and pass over the A28 road.
  • Turn left towards Venezia/Trieste.
  • Ramp splits, go left towards Venezia/Trieste (A28).
  • Pick up ticket at highway tollbooth.
  • Immediate left towards Trieste/Udine (A4).
  • At highway split between Udine on the left and Trieste on the right, take the right towards Trieste/Goriza and the Palmanova Exit.
  • Continue straight, following signs towards Trieste.
  • At highway split betwen Trieste on the left and Goriza/Slovenia on the right, take the left towards Trieste.
  • Stop at highway tollbooth, present ticket, pay toll.
  • Immediately bear left towards Trieste.
  • At highway split between Trieste and Duino, follow signs for Trieste.
  • Look for and follow signs for Slovenia/Trieste (not Trieste/Sistina).
  • Go through a short tunnel and continue straight.
  • At the end of a second short tunnel, immediately exit right towards sign saying "Slovenia".
  • Road veers right, then forks, take the left fork to the border.  Follow signs towards Ljubljana. 
  • After maybe 10-15 minutes, merge onto the A1/E70/E61 north towards Ljubljana.
  • Pay toll just south of Ljubljana, using Euros or a credit card.
  • You will approach Ljubljana's ring road (Obroč) from the southwest. Follow signs "Lj.-zahod," which exits right to follow the ring road counterclockwise.
  • Fairly soon, take the right exit marked "Lj.-zahod/Ind. c. Vič".
  • At the bottom of the exit ramp, take a right onto Tržaška cesta.
  • After about 3 km, take a left at the light onto Tivolska cesta.
  • After maybe 0.5 km, take a right at the light onto Šubičeva ulica.
  • Go straight through the light and the paid parking lot will be on your right. Take ticket, and  pay in Euros on exit.

To walk from the parking lot to the Embassy:

  • Walk out of the parking lot and turn left, back up Šubičeva, the same way you just drove in.
  • At the light, cross the street and turn right onto Prešernova cesta.
  • The Embassy is on the next corner, on your left.
  • Turn left onto Tomšičeva ulica.  The public entrance is down a bit on your left.

Driving Directions from the Embassy back to Aviano

  • Come out of the pay parking lot and turn left onto Šubičeva.
  • At the second light, turn left onto Tivolska.
  • At the light, turn right onto Tržaška.
  • After about 3km, make a left and go up the ramp to Ljubljana's ring road (Obroč). Follow signs to Koper.
  • Pick up ticket at highway tollbooth south of Ljubljana.
  • Follow signs towards Trieste ("Trst" in Slovene).
  • Take right exit towards Trst/Sežana/Dane (E61)(E70).
  • Stop at highway tollbooth, present ticket, pay toll using Euros or a credit card.
  • Stay straight, go through tunnel, look for signs to Italija and the border. 
  • After crossing border, immediately veer right to Venezia/Trieste (A4).
  • Keep turning and circling hard to the right, going through the underpass.
  • About 2 km after the underpass, exit right to Venezia (A4).
  • Stay straight for 24 km, following signs to Venezia.
  • Pick up ticket at hghway tollbooth.
  • Follow signs to Venezia (A4).
  • After 26 km the highway splits, take left fork towards Venezia.
  • After 37 km, exit right towards Portogruaro/Pordenone (A28).
  • Stop at highway tollbooth, present ticket, pay toll.
  • Immediately take left fork towards Pordenone.
  • After 13 km, take exit towards Cimpello, immediately take left fork up ramp.
  • After 3km, exit right towards Udine/Pordenone.
  • Enter traffic circle, go 3/4 way around, exit towards Pordenone/Venezia.
  • Drive 7 km through commercial area towards Trevisio/Venezia.
  • At the Opel car dealership, turn right at the light.
  • After 1 km, turn left at the light at the Paradiso restaurant.
  • Stay straight.  After several miles, exit right to Flightline area entrance access.

PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download the latest version.